Yellow Fin Sole

The scientific name for Yellowfin sole is Limanda Aspera. This fish lives for a long time and grows slowly. The Yellowfin sole is abundantly found in Cook Inlet and in Prince William Sound. This demersal fish stay on the outer shelf in winter and move to very shallow waters to spawn and feed in summer.
The Yellowfin sole are caught by trawl fisheries at six years of age. This fish does not live for more than 31 years. The stock has been good so far due to low exploitation but it will go down in the coming years.
Can be produced in the following formats:
• Fillets / Loins / Tails
• Block / Bits & Pieces / Mince / Nape
• Sealed top retail tray
• Individually vacum packed
• IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)
• Bulk – for further processing
• Count packs – for Foodservice/Catering Ind.